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Hair extensions are a great way to enhance the look you already have, encourage a new style, or try something completely wild and different!  Unless you are a hairdresser, you probably have questions or concerns about hair extensions.  As always; we would recommend a consultation with our Hair Extension Specialist, Erica Nelson, to find out if Tape In Hair Extensions are a good fit for you.

Traditionally, hair extensions are used for 2 main reasons: length and/or volume.   Some examples:

  • Are you growing out your hair but find that you need it to be longer?
  • Do you have very fine, limp hair but dream of having a coif worthy of a Texas beauty queen?
  • Is your ultimate hair goal to look like a Kardashian; long, braidable, thick handfuls of hair?

Perfect, please continue on.  We have ideas.

Today, there are some other options to consider.

  • Do you have a professional 9am to 5pm job where fashion colors (blues, pinks, lilacs and silvers) are frowned upon, but, you’re going on vacation or to a music festival?
  • Are you someone who would love to have some peacock colored peek-a-boos or silver streaks but the thought of bleaching your hair to Timbuktu makes you cower in the corner?

You are a great candidate for some fun, multi-colored extensions, too!

If any, some or all of the situations previously described are something you’ve thought or dreamed about then please consider the benefits of a complimentary extension consultation.


Some clients who have an interest in extensions have tried different types of extensions before.  Beaded (single strand) extensions, Keratin Bonds, and Sew Ins sound great!  You will be made to think they are an easy, yet often pricey, solution. The truth is that these types of extensions are too aggressive for already sensitized or fragile hair.  Because the surface area of the connected hair is so small, these types of bonds put unnecessary pressure on the hair.  This level of stress will cause major breakage and hair loss to the person wearing these types of extensions.  Babe Tape-In Extension bonds are about 1” long and ¼” wide, creating a larger surface area and diminishing the amount of stress put on your natural hair.  This size bond is large enough to provide maximum coverage and small enough to provide movement to your hair without being seen. The bond is made from a medical grade adhesive which is sticky until attached to its mate. The extensions work as a “sandwich.” This means there are actually 2 pieces of hair that create one full extension. One side of the sandwich is placed against the head, a very small section of your hair goes down on top and then the second side of the sandwich is placed on top and clamped to the bottom piece.  As your natural hair grows, the sandwich becomes more free to move and more able to be placed in a ponytail, high bun or cute pinned upstyle.


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Babe Hair Extensions are the industry’s best 100% human remy hair. You’ve probably seen the word “remy” before- what is it and why is it desirable? “Remy” means that every strand of every hair in each extension has been faced the same direction; leaving less opportunity for knotting and a more smooth, long-lasting style.  Remy hair is the best kind of hair to purchase and wear.  You may be thinking to yourself that you have seen the words “remy” or “human hair” on packages of clip in hair at Sally Beauty Supply.  Unfortunately, for Sally and consumers, the extension hair only has to be 70% faced the same way to be labeled “remy” and 50% REAL human hair to be able to claim “human hair.” The moment you try to curl or blow dry “human hair” from Sally, you’ll understand the problem.  Burning and melting your new hair to a curling iron is a pretty good indication that you do not have 100% human, remy hair.

Babe Hair Extensions are available in a variety of lengths and colors. Most of the Babe Real Hair Extensions have a “body wave” texture, but are available in a “stick straight” texture.  As someone who has pretty naturally straight hair, I have found that scrunching the extensions with a curly haired product encourages my natural hair to mimic the body wave texture of the extensions.  Conversely, if you have natural curly hair, the extensions will take on the texture more closely related to your hair.  Babe Hair Extensions can be styled any way you style your own hair; scrunched into curls, blow dried, curled or flat ironed.


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If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably thinking that Babe Tape In Extensions sound safe for fragile and sensitized hair, easy to care for, and quick to style. They are, but remember extensions are a luxury service and require regular maintenance and upkeep to keep looking brilliant and beautiful.

Most people, with average length and density of hair, will need about 3-5 packs of hair for a full head application. Each pack makes 5 “sandwiches.” Colors and lengths can be mixed and matched and will be specifically matched during your complimentary consultation.

14″ $120 per pack (average cost based on 4 packs) $479 plus tax
18″ $158 per pack (average cost based on 4 packs) $629 plus tax
22″ $198 per pack (average cost based on 4 packs) $789 plus tax
24″ $238 per pack (average cost based on 4 packs) $949 plus tax

*Extensions are extremely customizable and varying, prices provided are an estimate and may range widely depending on the variety of extension, length, installation time, and maintenance required.

A complimentary consultation is required before any extension services.

Please keep in mind; the greater the distance between your natural and desired lengths, the more hair we will need to order.


During a complimentary extension consultation you will be asked questions about your desired length, color and volume results, as well as styling habits and lifestyle.  These questions are used to determine color and amount of hair to be ordered and approximate placement on the head.

If you are now having visions of long, fish tail braids, or Victoria Secret model beach waves dancing through your head then we would like to invite you to make a complimentary consultation to find out if Babe Tape In Hair Extensions are for you.

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