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Feel free to read about Olaplex below; however, we’ve recently replaced our Olaplex service with a product that we feel is far superior: b3 Brazilian Bond Builder.

Ask for Olaplex to be added to your color or highlights to dramatically reduce breakage and make your hair color, balayage, or ombre last longer.
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Olaplex Color Service

Olaplex is Insurance for your Hair!

You’ve probably seen the word, Olaplex.  Your Instagram feed is buzzing about it.  Everyone’s using it.  It’s so amazing.  Guy Tang (@guy_tang) and Rebecca Taylor (@vividartistichairdesign) swear by it and create incredible hair transformations around the world with it.  But… What is it? Why is it SO important and amazing?

Ok, let’s start with some hair basics.  Your hair has 3 types of bonds; salt bonds, hydrogen bonds, and disulfide bonds.  What’s the difference and why are these bonds important?  Salt and hydrogen bonds can be, and are meant to be, broken and reformed by water and temperature.  This is why your in-salon blow drys and styles look so amazing; because hairstylists know these bonds need to be heated up and then cooled back down to lock in the style and reform those bonds into the shape we have intended for them.   Disulfide bonds are stronger bonds; broken by chemical services like color, lightener, perms, or straightening treatments. Disulfide bonds are more important to the overall integrity of your hair than salt or hydrogen bonds.  Once a disulfide bond is broken, if it is not restored, the integrity of the hair is compromised.  Imagine what kind of damage is occurring when thousands of disulfide bonds are broken and not healed.

Olaplex Hair Color Service

You’ve seen the name, what is it?

Olaplex is a 3 step system that rebuilds the bonds in the hair; it is NOT a conditioner or deep conditioning treatment. Invented by Dr. Eric Pressly, PhD in materials and Dr. Craig Hawker, PhD in Chemistry; Olaplex holds many worldwide patents as the first treatment of its kind.  The first and second step of the Olaplex system are done as in-salon services by your stylists at Do the Bang Thing Salon.  The third step is a take home product to reinforce the work done at the salon.

Who should use it?

If you have hair on your head, Olaplex is for you!  Used on virgin hair, hair that has not been colored or chemically treated, it can protect the hair from damage.  Hair that has been compromised by chemical or thermal services should receive Olaplex treatments to serve as a “reset” button; restoring strength, structure, and integrity. Our balayage experts strongly recommend the addition of this product to all balayage services.

How can it be used?

Olaplex is probably one of the most versatile tools that is used at Do the Bang Thing Salon.  It can be used in a number of different ways to accomplish amazing results!


Olaplex No. 1 is added directly to your color or lightener. This type of use can protect the hair during a chemical color service or balayage.  Olaplex also grabs and rebuilds bonds during a service that would normally disrupt the bond structure.  During this type of Olaplex service; No. 1 is added into the color or lightener and applied to your head.  When your stylist takes you to the shampoo bowl, the color/lightener is rinsed and Olaplex No. 2 is applied. Depending on the level of damage that already lives in your hair, No. 2 should be left on between 5-15 minutes.  After the Olaplex is rinsed, the usual routine is followed; shampoo, toner, and conditioner with scalp massage.


That’s right, Perms.  They’re back, and better than ever.  Most perm services being done lately are beach wave perms.  We know you’ve seen perms before; they look fried and stringy. Not with Olaplex.  The hair maintains a soft, wavy look and feel.  Olaplex added to the perming service acts like a buffer to make sure that all the bonds broken and reformed during your service are strong and healthy.


If your hair is curly or frizzy, you may have heard of or had a Brazilian Blowout or some other kind of keratin straightener that’s meant to make your home styling easier, better, and last longer.  Using Olaplex with this type of treatment will make those curls blowout better and cut down on frizz because the cuticle is being less disrupted.


If you have been feeling that your hair is extra brittle or you see a bunch of little hairs in your bathroom sink when you brush through it, a standalone treatment could make a world of difference to you and your hair!  It is easy to chalk up dry, brittle hair to living in Colorado, or the seasons are changing; but why make excuses?  Using Olaplex, as a treatment or combined with a chemical service, allows the product to continue building up in the hair.  This type of buildup is a good one!  Olaplex can continue to repair your hair for many days after the treatment or service has been completed.  Giving your hair a little extra attention and love may also help your color last longer (healthy hair holds color better than damaged hair) and it will definitely make you look and feel better!

If your hair is very compromised, your Do the Bang Thing Salon stylist may recommend a schedule where you will visit the salon in between hair color appointments to have an Olaplex Treatment.  You may be thinking that a schedule of this kind is a big commitment or will get very pricey; we only have your hair’s integrity at heart!  An Olaplex Treatment appointment is a quicker and less expensive appointment than a color or highlight appointment.

Your Do the Bang Thing Salon stylist will apply Olaplex No. 1 to your hair for a minimum of 5 minutes, before a generous amount of Olaplex No. 2 is added on top and combed through the hair.  This combination will process for a minimum of 10 minutes. (If the hair is extremely compromised, your stylist will recommend you sit longer or process under heat with the treatment.)  After rinsing, you are free to add a haircut or blow dry to the treatment, if not, your service is finished!  Your stylist will likely recommend that the Olaplex No. 3 go home with you for use once a week as a reinforcement to the work done in the salon.

Olaplex Bond Multiplier Bond Perfector Hair Perfector


No worries.  Who among us ISN’T on a budget???  You can add Olaplex to ANY hair coloring, balayage, or highlighting service for just $20 per bowl of color.  Just $20!  For softer, healthier, more manageable hair!  Think about all the things we spend $20 on without a second thought.  Why would you not want to improve the health of your hair and begin the process of rebuilding the bonds that have been used and abused for years and years?

A standalone Olaplex Treatment is only $40.  If you are adding a haircut or blow dry, your price would change depending only upon your Do the Bang Thing Salon stylist’s prices.

The Olaplex No. 3 product retails for $28.  The manufacturer recommends to use No. 3 at home once a week for maximum results.

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“Olaplex has allowed me to take my creativity to the next level. I no longer have to put my guest on hold or send them out with their hair wrecked.  Our Balayage services have become works of art.  We can push to that next level and have healthy hair, even at home.  Thanks, Olaplex!” – Toby Adams, Master Stylist and Owner, Do the Bang Thing Salon

“I love that Olaplex increases the longevity of fashion hair colors and I am able to really push the limits on how light we can get the hair to achieve beautiful pastels!” – Amanda Wood, Stylist and Fashion Color Specialist

“I have been absolutely thrilled with the results of my clients’ hair after using Olaplex.  The difference in the hair is noticeable after one treatment and after several, I feel like I’m working with a new head of hair. My dry, brittle blondes are bombshells and my dull brunettes are shiny and sexy!  I can’t wait to share Olaplex with everyone who comes into our doors!”- Erica Nelson, Stylist and Extension Specialist