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Mermaid Hair Color

Mermaid hair seems to be the ever growing trend amongst the youth and is gaining more popularity with all ages. Starting as a rebellious trend against the typical blonde and brunettes, mermaid hair color has been the never ending or fading trend sweeping all. It’s becoming more accepted within the work place and amongst celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Kylie Kardashian, Katy Perry, and many more; even men are more open about making their locks as colorful as the world we live in. However what does it take to get the vibrant and sometimes soft colors this mermaid trend has?

Time and Investment

Mermaid Fashion Color

Before you invest time and money into getting these colorful locks, there are some key factors about the process you should know. It takes time and money to get to the level your hair needs to be before we can apply the fashion colors (4+hours each session). The fashion colors are vegetable based, meaning, it is a direct dye, unlike most colors that require an activator, this color does not. Because it is a direct dye it basically just “stains” the hair and doesn’t penetrate the cuticle, but rather sits in between the cortex and cuticle layer of the hair. This means at home maintence is KEY to the longevity of your color. Washing your hair in cooler water with the least amount possible during the week will allow the color to stay vibrant and last longer.  You’ll also need to be sure to use quality salon hair products! The majority, if not all drug store products, will actually strip the color and leave a wax residue that will make your hair appear dull.

Mermaid Hair Preparation

Fashion Color Hair Color Denver

The start of your mermaid hair journey is prepping your hair for the vibrant colors you wish for. Unfortunately, we don’t have magic wands.  This does take time and patience depending on what hair color you wish to have. Let’s break this down… Hair goes through different levels of lightening, depending on if you have existing color on your hair (let’s face it, 98% of us do) and whether it’s professional or box color.  These are all important factors that impact the start of your process. If you have a darker base color, ideally you will need to lift to a blonde.  The levels of lightening your hair progresses through happen in stages that start and continue with other sessions.  Red, red/orange, orange, orange/yellow, and then yellow, which is the level you need to be to achieve the most vibrant results. If you want silver or pastel hair color, it needs to go even further.  Multiple appointments are almost always required for the most dramatic changes and will be recommended during your initial consultation.  Adding b3 Brazilian Bond Builder to your hair color service can be a huge benefit to your hair color transformation and will help to prevent damage.  Start the process by reserving an appointment online at our mermaid hair color salon.

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Once phase one is complete and the hair color has lifted enough to achieve your desired color, round two begins. Your hair has to be 90% dry before applying color! Once dry, the color pallet of choice will be custom mixed and made ready to apply. These colors can bleed easily, so this step may take longer than the initial lightening process to insure precision. Direct dyes are the type of colors that last longer.  Often, you will be put under a hood dryer for at least 30 minutes, to open up the hair.  Cooling the hair down after the heat will help seal the color in and lock it in your hair longer. At the shampoo bowl, the colors are not shampooed out.  Only rinsed in cool water and conditioned.  It is recommended to not shampoo for at least 2 days after getting the service so the color can have some time to permeate into your hair. When doing multiple tones of color on a blonde base, the colors may bleed on top of each other.  This is why we can’t stress enough to use cold temperature water!
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