Choosing the
Best Hair Salon: Your Hair Salon Guide

Whether you’re new to Denver or just looking for some new, fresh ideas for your hair; choosing a new stylist and salon can be a scary task. With over 1,000 salons in the Denver metro area, where should you start? How do you know if the person you choose can work with your hair type, personality, and ideas?  This guide is a good resource to help you with choosing the best hair salon.

Getting Started

Choosing the Best Hair Salon

Do you have a friend who always has beautiful hair and always has a beautiful hair style?  Chances are she has a hair stylist who has taught her how to blow out, curl, or style those lovely locks.  Ask her for a recommendation!  Maybe one of your coworkers is always talking about her stylist, why not get her business card?  If you’re really bold and the girl in front of you at Starbuck’s has a cut you covet; ask her! Take advantage of the resources you have all around you.  Get recommendations and then do your research!

Google “best salons in Denver”, “Denver balayage”, “pixie cuts Denver”, or “Denver fashion colors”. Use your keywords and ask for what you want!

Read the salon’s reviews on Google and Yelp!  Online reviews give you the opportunity to find out what real guests thought of their experiences at the salon and with specific stylists. Consistently good reviews mean the stylists are knowledgeable, skilled, friendly and thoughtful.

Hair Salon Portfolio Photos

Check out the hair salon website. The website should be fun, organized, and easy to navigate.  Most salons will have photos of the salon, staff, and a portfolio of their work. If you see photos that you absolutely love, save it!  Most salons will have a bio page for each stylist.  This will allow you to get a sense of that stylist’s personality, training, and what techniques they consider their specialty. The website should have a general pricing outline for you to get an idea of what or who fits into your budget.  Pricing generally differs between hair stylists, even at the same salon.

Use your social media skills to look up the salon’s or stylist’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts. Most hair salons or stylists will post pictures of their work, articles about new trends, or sometimes just a plea for models to try out a new look or technique. You will also get to find out who your mutual friends are (and maybe that the girl with the cute hair at Starbucks is one of their clients)! Looking at these pages will give you a better idea of who the hair stylist is and what kind of salon you are researching.  Do they participate in special events?  Are there classes being offered at the beauty salon? Who is teaching them? Is the salon philanthropic? You can find the answers to all the questions that are important to you and affect your decision on social media.

The hair salon should offer services and conveniences that fit into your lifestyle and budget.  If you work 9am-5pm, they should offer appointments later in the evening. Is the salon closely located to your home or work? Is it easily accessible from those places? Are the prices reasonable? Does the salon offer free Wi-Fi so you can work during your appointment?  Do they offer a glass of wine so you can relax after a long day? Are you going to be shuffled around from a stylist to her assistant and back to your stylist, or will your stylist make sure your experience is perfect from beginning to end? Does your stylist offer complimentary bang trims or neck clean ups to keep you looking fresh longer? Does the salon offer online booking or do you need to call to schedule appointments?

After you have answered all your questions, and probably come up with some new ones during your online research; what’s next?


Denver Hair Salon Consultation

Most beauty salons will offer a complimentary consultation appointment; book one!  Bring your questions, concerns, and pictures (we love them!).  Your stylist should be able to guide you during the consultation to the right hair color and haircut to accentuate your facial features, skin and eye color, and your lifestyle. When the stylist asks you questions; answer honestly.  It is not to pass judgement that we ask these questions, but to comprehensively put together a plan that will get you your desired results.  Some of the “hard” questions include:

  • Do you blow dry and style your hair everyday?
  • How regularly are you going to be able maintain your new look?
  • Is there hair color on your hair right now? Is it professional hair color or from a box?
  • Did you cut these bangs yourself?

These questions allow the stylist to put together a smart plan and give you a more accurate quote on final price.  Sometimes, the look you desire is one that can not be achieved with one appointment. These multiple step processes are more common than you might think. Your stylist should be able to explain why there would be multiple appointments needed and the integrity of your hair should be the overwhelming theme in this explanation.

Choosing the Best Hair Salon: Do the Bang Thing Salon®

Denver's Best Hair Salon for Hair Color Balayage and Haircuts

Now that you have done all your research and had a complimentary consultation; lets book an appointment at Do the Bang Thing Salon!

Do The Bang Thing Salon® is a high end hair salon providing top services with a single stylist experience. This means you won’t be shuffled around between several people; your stylist does your consultation, mixes your color, applies it, does your relaxing shampoo with scalp massage, and then your finish work.  We are highly thoughtful and trained stylists who continue to take classes to get better and better.  Even the owner, with 17 years of experience, takes a blow dry class every once and a while!  Most recently, our staff has participated in a 2 day cut and color class with world renowned international educator Masaki Inoue (@masakiinoue) and a fresh-start workshop with styling guru Mitchell Cantrell (@rootedthoughts).

We are conveniently located on South Broadway and Evans, just minutes from I-25, and offer ample parking behind the salon. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we have appointments available until 8pm, so you don’t have to take time off work or break up your Saturday activities to get your look refreshed!

Do the Bang Thing Salon® is a commission salon which means we are a team! Each stylist takes pride in providing a top notch experience for their guests and every other guest who walks in our door.  Each guest is greeted by a friendly face and offered water, tea, coffee, juice, soda, beer, or wine while they enjoy their time at Do the Bang Thing Salon.

Best Hair Salon Products and Services

We use only the best tools, salon hair products, and accessories at Do the Bang Thing Salon®. Each guest is wrapped in an iCape 2.0.  The iCape has a clear pocket in the front so you can talk, text, and share right from the chair without the risk of color globs ruining your day! All of our stylists use Hattori Hanzo Shears.  These shears are crafted from Japanese steel, much like the chef knives used in high end kitchens. Hattori Hanzo is able to match each stylist with their perfect shear based on their specialties and what kind of cutting they do most often.

Almost more important than the color or cut itself is the recommendations on products, so you can replicate the style and look that your Do the Bang Thing Salon® stylist has helped you create.  Whether you need a colored conditioner to refresh the fashion color you have invested in, or a body-inspiring product to get that big, beautiful blowout; we can prescribe the right products to fit your needs.  Do the Bang Thing Salon® is a J Beverly Hills Concept Salon.  J Beverly Hills is a botanical focused line that helps heal, protect color, build volume, or add control your hair.  The ingredients in the products stay true to the actual ingredient, not chemicals (ingredients with too many consonants and not enough vowels). Each stylist is a J Beverly Hills expert who can tailor an at home regimen for your specific hair needs.

Calura Hair Color and b3 Brazilian Bond Builder are used together to insure each client receives color that lasts, while improving the quality of the hair.

Do the Bang Thing Salon’s stylists will take the time to listen and ask the right questions so we can create a schedule that fits you and your lifestyle. We do recommend pre-booking your next appointment before leaving the salon; however, if planning is not your forte you can book online through our secured website booking system. Our booking system also sends out appointment reminders through email and text message 3 days prior to the next scheduled appointment.

All of these perks and specialties put together makes Do the Bang Thing Salon® the best choice for high end hair services in Denver.  If you are looking for your next Denver Hair Care Specialist and you have read this article, then the only question that remains is; WHY AREN’T YOU IN MY CHAIR??

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